Off-Line Information

This website can now be used to report trail conditions even when you are not connected to the internet! AZ Trail To Go is now using the off-line capabilities of HTML 5. These browsers (and others) support this off-line mode:
HTML 5 off-line applications download the off-line web pages to your browser while you are connected to the internet and use those local copies when you are not connected. For AZ Trail To Go, the following pages are available when not connected to the internet:

Report Trail Conditions
Off-Line Information

When you submit trail conditions on the Report Trail Condition page while working off-line, the information to be submitted will be stored in your browser until you are reconnected to the internet. If you are still on AZ Trail To Go when you regain an internet connection, this information will be immediately submitted. Otherwise, it will be submitted the next time you open AZ Trail To Go. Important: You may need to browse to the Report Trail Condition page one time before you can work off-line. If you are asked permission to access GPS you will need to accept before you can work off-line. Please note that on some browsers, when you refresh while off-line, the page will not properly load. If this occurs, try selecting the current page again from the menu.